Business Owners Package

Business Owners Package

Do you want to work with an accounting firm that only keeps your numbers straight—or one that can help you grow those numbers? The CBS Tax & Accounting Business Owners Package will help your business thrive with expert support and guidance.

If you’re like most small-business owners, you serve as the “Chief Financial Officer” for your company out of necessity; it’s costly to hire a CFO, and besides, your business likely doesn’t need a full-time executive focused solely on finance.

That’s where CBS comes in. With our Business Owners Package, we’ll serve as your part-time CFO, managing your accounting needs and helping you understand your financials—while working with you to create strategies to achieve your goals.

It starts with our secure cloud-based portal, one convenient place to view your financial documents, regulatory filings, transactions, and more. This is the hub for our robust client-care system, which features the following components:

  • Strategy sessions: We’ll review all aspects of your business, from structure to operations, and get a full understanding of your financial situation—all the way down to your compensation. Then we’ll talk about your goals, and recommend the actions that will help you reach them.
  • Continuous monitoring: Our QuickBooks-certified team will manage your books and accounting (no matter what system you use), but more important, we’ll take a proactive approach to supporting your business. How do your profit margins look month to month? What can you do to smooth out seasonal cycles? Is it time to raise your prices? The numbers tell a story. Every month, we’ll help you understand that story, and anticipate what’s next—so you can adjust your strategies and tactics as needed.
  • Tax planning: Business owners don’t like tax-time surprises, and we don’t, either. With our extensive planning sessions and regular check-ins over the course of the year, you’ll always know where you stand. And because we’ll be managing your books and financials along the way, the entire process is seamless.
  • Preparing your taxes: The final step in the Business Owners Package is completing and filing your business tax return. Our work and preparation throughout the year make this a pain-free process—minimizing your tax liability and maximizing your efficiency.

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