What if you could just enter your employees’ hours on a secure online portal and have your payroll done? With our cloud-based system, CBS can do more than ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time—we’ll manage taxes, regulatory reports, and everything else for you, too.

Why should you outsource your payroll? Other than the fact it’s a huge frustration for most small-business owners, there are several key benefits:

  • Cost: If you pay a full-time employee to manage your payroll, or you handle it yourself, you likely can save with CBS Tax & Accounting—by reducing overhead, freeing up your capacity to focus on more profitable tasks, or both.
  • Time: Are you tired of entering all of your data? Finding it impossible to figure out new laws or updated regulations? We’ll stay on top of it all, saving you both time and hassle.
  • Reduced risk: Payroll errors can be costly, and even impact employee morale. Tax laws are already complex, and they change all the time, too. You didn’t go into business to become a tax and accounting expert—and with CBS on your side, you don’t have to.
  • Reporting and other services: We provide payroll reports that are easy to understand and accurate. We even offer optional workers’ compensation reports, union reports, 1099 and 1096 processing, and much more.

CBS payroll solutions

Small businesses are all unique, and so are their payroll needs. Our custom solutions provide flexibility and choice.

  • Full payroll service: Our most comprehensive option, with full management of all processing. You’ll get laser-printed checks that meet Federal Reserve System standards, free direct deposit, IRS and state tax reporting, including EFTPS tax deposits, reports on vacation/sick/personal days, monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports, and more. This is the true worry-free payroll solution.
  • Post-payroll service: If you’d prefer to manually prepare your payroll, this option allows you to upload everything to our secure cloud-based portal for record-keeping and management purposes. You’ll receive IRS and state tax reporting, including EFTPS deposits; payroll tax reports monthly, quarterly, and annually; reporting for employee vacation/sick/personal days; and much more. Even better, your payroll records will be up-to-date and in one convenient place.
  • Online processing: Just enter employee hours and earnings on our portal, and you can print your own payroll checks, offer free direct deposit, get IRS and state tax reports, with EFTPS deposits, and everything else included in our post-payroll service above.

We know how challenging payroll can be. With CBS, you can be sure your employees are paid correctly and on time—with easy access to their pay stubs, W-2s, and more—while your business meets its local, state, and federal requirements.

To learn more about how we can help with your payroll, and get accurate pricing for your business, just complete the form below to tell us a little more about your specific situation. We’ll follow up to schedule a free consultation.

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