Tax Returns for Business Owners

Tax Returns for Business Owners

Are you maximizing your tax advantages as a business owner? If you prepare your personal taxes yourself, you could be missing out on significant savings. CBS Tax & Accounting experts can help you minimize your tax liability, so you get the most out of owning your business.


Do you know the answers to the following questions?

  • How much salary should you take?
  • How much should you be taking in distributions?
  • Are you optimizing your retirement savings as a business owner? What about health and life insurance?
  • Are you missing opportunities to save money?

All of those questions can have an impact on your personal taxes. While there are a wealth of tax advantages to owning a business, owners who do their taxes on their own often miss out on significant savings and benefits.

As your business accountant, CBS Tax & Accounting knows how everything fits together—your company’s revenue and profit, your own compensation, and more. And by ensuring your personal return is aligned with your business return, we can help you minimize your tax liability.

A proactive approach

Just as with our services for your business, our approach to your personal taxes is centered around reducing your frustration, avoiding unpleasant surprises, and ensuring you pay only what you need to and nothing more.

We do this by remaining in contact consistently, helping you plan and forecast, so we can adjust your personal and business strategies based on the most current information. You’ll feel more confident about your financial situation—and you won’t have to worry about whether you filed your taxes correctly.

Get the most out of owning your business

Let us help you maximize the personal benefits that come with owning a business. Contact CBS Tax & Accounting today at (425) 788-1544 or for a free consultation.

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